Features List

Basic Features

# Details Cost Demo
1 Website Cost (Minimum 4 Pages + 1 Free Page) Rs. 4,000/-
2 Additional Page Cost (Per Page) TBA
3 Slideshow TBA
4 Content Writing (Per Page) TBA
5 Image Gallery
Static Image Gallery TBA
Dynamic Image Gallery TBA
6 User Input Forms
Feedback Form Free
Form with custom fields (Per Form upto 10 fields) TBA
7 Google Map (Per Map) TBA
8 Facebook Integration
Like Button (Compulsory Fan Page) TBA
Send Button TBA
Share Button TBA
Comments Button TBA
Fan Page Creation TBA
Blog Writing (Per Blog) TBA

Advance Features

# Details Cost Demo
9 Client Managed Page
Edit / Update Page (Per Page) TBA
Create / Edit / Delete / Update Page (Unlimited Pages) TBA
10 PDF Data
Creating PDF (Per File) TBA
Download PDF (Unlimited) TBA
View PDF Inside Website (Per File) TBA
Upload / Download PDF (Unlimited) TBA
11 Search Functionality
Simple Search Button TBA
Advance Search Button (Auto Type Like Google Search) TBA
12 Login / Logout
User Registration TBA
User Page (Per Page) TBA
13 Comments / Testimonial / Review
No Administration TBA
Full Administration (Ex. Delete/Block/Approve/etc) TBA
14 Additional Features Email us
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